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Summary Java Multi-Agent board game Stratego
Categories None
License GNU General Public License
Owner(s) stratego

Welcome to the homepage of the Java based board game Stratego.

The Stratego game is a board game where one player battle against the computer using his armies of pieces. The object of the game is to capture the enemy flag, by moving pieces towards the enemy and try to capture enemy pieces.


The first public release 1.3 is out and can be downloaded here.

This is a stable version of the game. and can be played until the end. please contact me with the subject "Stratego Bug" if any bugs are found.

Special thanks to:

  • Drs.dr. L.J.M. Rothkrantz T.U. Delft University of Technology.
  • ir. M.M.M. Abdelghany University of Rotterdam
  • Kifah known as *KiKoS* for testing the game.


What is the goal of this project? The goal is to recreate the board game Stratego on the computer. This will be the first attempt to play the Stratego game with multiple agents. the rule engine is JESS ( the Rule Engine for the JavaTM Platform )

What is the scope of this project?

  • To create a working version of the game which can be played against the computer.
  • The computer must use agents.
  • The use of CLIPS for the ruleset of the agents.
  • The computer must be able to beat the human player without cheating.

What are high-level features you are sure to build?

  • A easy to use graphical user interface.
  • A ruleset of the game Stratego.
  • A working computer opponent.

What are the high-level assumptions or ground rules for the project?

  • Our approach will be an attempt to handle the game's complexity by using the distributed desision making at the level of the Stratego pieces.
  • The game will be implemented in the programming language Java
  • The main developing platform will be Windows(though it should run on any Java enabled platform)


Mohannad Ismail

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